Pay-as-you-wish Photo Walks

                         *Starting in April 2018

         Pay-as-you-wish photo walks


Welcome to Pay as you wish photo walks, offering name your own price photo walks. Everyone should be permitted to take a guided fun photo walk for a price they feel it was worth or what they could afford, even free! Pay what you like photo walks are photo walks for every budget. Our photo walks are Wednesday and Thursday evenings as to enjoy the beautiful late day light and sunset (weather permitting). We meet at different locations weekly and with cameras in hand, venture out to capture what the city has to offer. Photo walks with a local professional photographer don't have to be expensive or boring. That’s because we must be at our best at all times to ensure that your photo walks are interesting and of the highest quality. If you don’t like what you see, all you lost was your time. It’s the best guarantee in the business.

Come on out and let's have some fun checking out all that photo walks have to offer and take our photography to the next level.

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Please feel free to call or text 610-245-7154 or email at


Thank you !


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